Restraint of inmate without food is part of a troubling pattern, sheriff’s watchdog says

Restraint of inmate without food is part of a troubling pattern, sheriff’s watchdog says

“…he recent handcuffing of an inmate without food for 32 hours is part of a troubling pattern of similar mistreatment in the Los Angeles County jails since the beginning of last year, the Sheriff’s Department’s independent civilian watchdog said Sunday.

Inspector General Max Huntsman cited three additional incidents in which inmates were allegedly tethered to objects for prolonged periods.

During one that Huntsman called “particularly humiliating,” an inmate was restrained naked in an area where visitors to the jail could see him. Another at the North County Correctional Facility resulted in 14 jail employees, including nine supervisors, being reassigned to jobs where they had no contact with inmates.

In another case, an inmate was restrained for a long period in a way that was physically uncomfortable, Huntsman said. ….(AND DON´T FORGET, that inmates are humans and emotions

One mentally ill inmate was handcuffed to a chair for 32 hours and given only one glass of water and no food. Another was restrained completely naked in full view of visitors.

Incidents like these reveal that Los Angeles county jails have a pattern of improperly restraining inmates, according to a report released this weekend by the county inspector general. Unruly or violent inmates are regularly tethered to chairs or tables in the nation’s largest county jail system, according to the investigation, which was first reported by the L.A. Times.



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