SOLITARY: Prisoners forced to live in solitary can suffer mental breakdowns and claustrophobia


 Prisoners forced to live in solitary can suffer mental breakdowns and claustrophobia



This outstanding CBC News Big Picture Special provides a thorough, straightforward portrait of how Canada deals with people who break the law: from the special handling unit where the most dangerous are held to a minimum security facility that some say is too soft; from a man who’s never been in prison before to those who will spend the rest of their lives in custody; from the corrections officers who work the cell blocks to the woman who manages the entire system. Eight short documentaries make up this special and are interspersed with a forum of correctional staff, government officials and inmates who comment on and discuss the documentary content. The eight documentaries are:
1) Prison System Overview
2) First Timers
3) Women Beyond Bars
4) Guards — Correctional Officers
5) How Lifers Do The Time
6) Minimal Prisons
7) Biker Gang Members of Le Claire Institution
8) Special Handling Unit

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